Sweet Treats Panel Squeeze The Day Lemonade -KWD

Sweet Treats Panel Squeeze The Day Lemonade -KWD

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This is a PreOrder Item!

All Fabrics are Oeko-Tex Certified Fabrics.

By Krystal Winn Design, part of the Miss Ava's Rodeo Collection.

Custom ordering opens the 1st-15th of every month. Please expect a 4-6 week turn around once the round closes.

Please select size, base and yardage for printing.  Custom printing is final sale - no refunds. 

Panel Sizing:

Adult: 32x34 with a 10x10 image (should accommodate up to a 4xl)

Youth: 20x34 with a 7x7 image

Baby 15x30 with a 5x5 image

Content Legend
B = Bamboo
C = Cotton / OC = Organic Cotton
P = Polyester
SP = Spandex


Cotton Spandex (Light 220gsm or Medium 240gsm) - 95% C / 5% SP
Bamboo Spandex - 95% B / 5% SP
French Terry 250gsm - 95% C / 5% SP
Bamboo French Terry 290gsm - 95% B / 5% SP